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Driver community ONE20 hits the road

Driver community ONE20 hits the road

LOUISVILLE. Continuing to push the marketing boundaries, ONE20, a rapidly growing app-based trucker community, is using the Mid-American Trucking Show here to promote new offerings ranging from ONE20-branded energy drinks to ELDs to a data-mined best and worst list—and even its newly authorized trucking company.

"Today we put our effort and money where our mouth is. We are now in the trucking business," said Christian Schenk, founder, president and CEO of ONE20.

ONE20 has been working with truckers as means of research, product design and testing for more than a year. But, as Schenk explained to Fleet Owner, the team quickly realized that in order to represent the full needs of the American professional driver, they needed to get closer to the behind-the-scenes operations and regulatory messes associated with becoming a trucking company in the U.S.

The ONE20 ELD offering.

"I've never seen anything like it. For a nation founded on the principles of opportunity, we've sure made it difficult for the hard-working trucker to prosper as a business owner and operator," said Schenk. “We shopped for insurance for more than a month, received hundreds of misleading letters soliciting services, fielded dozens of phone calls from product providers trying to sell us something and jumped through hoop after hoop with federal and state governments. Shame on us for making it so hard, so expensive and so confusing.”

ONE20 Trucking and its drivers will be part of the company’s push for “transparency” in the trucking industry—a “revolution” aiming to put power back in the hands of the driver. Compensation and lease agreements are configurable and un-capped, giving the driver more opportunity to earn based on their contribution to customers and growing ONE20, according to Schenk.

ONE20 Trucking drivers will be highly visible, with fully-wrapped trucks that promote the company and its services. They’ll also operate and promote the tools available on My ONE20 app, including free navigation, trip planning, on-the-road discounts, a trucker-focused Amazon marketplace, and the coming- soon a subscription-free electronic logging device, the ONE20 F-ELD.

“The ELD can’t be an industry, it’s a feature,” Schenk said, looking at the market being driven by the December mandate deadline. “Drivers want something simple, affordable and compliant that won’t force them to give up their privacy—that is exactly why we developed F-ELD.”

The ONE20 F-ELD is a plug-and-play device that wirelessly pairs with a driver’s smartphone or tablet. Once the ELD is purchased and installed, drivers can download the free Android- and iOS- compatible App to establish HOS and driver-vehicle inspection report (DVIR) preferences. The ELD device attaches to the truck through a J1939 or J1708 cable. Drivers will manage the application and have full control of the reporting.

ONE20 also is partnering with telematics brands to bring flexibility and affordability to mixed fleets, Schenk noted.

The ONE20 F-ELD will be available to ship in July of 2017. Professional drivers may pre-order the device at

Among other ONE20 announcement at MATS:

Sister company ONE20 Strong is launching a suite of energy shots specifically for truckers. With trucking themed names; Overdrive (Orange), Accelerator (Berry), Diesel (Grape) and Hammerlane (Lemon-lime), the energy shots will be available on Amazon for significantly less than other leading brands.

The ONE20 Strong energy shots are “100-percent designed with the professional truck driver in mind” and the 2-ounce. (60ml) energy shots contain caffeine comparable to a cup of leading premium coffee. The energy shots will be available by the dozen through Amazon for $18.99 beginning in April, and will be available through retail centers in the near future.

To shed further awareness and advocate for change on behalf of the professional driver, ONE20 announced plans to publish quarterly TopONE20 reports that will compile data generated directly from the industry’s drivers. The reports will highlight ratings and reviews for points of interest, such as travel centers and restaurants, as well as amenity-level reviews like restroom cleanliness, parking availability and staff friendliness and knowledge.

The program will also recognize top-rated locations that will receive “Voted TopONE20” decals for their stores, as well as special in-app badges, signifying them as a top location as voted by the American truckers.

Another Schenk-founded company, TruckThat, which debuted at MATS last year with a goal of giving drivers a way to vent their frustrations about the industry, will release a pro-trucker documentary this summer. The Secret Lives of Trucker will focus on breaking stereotypes and revealing what it’s really like to live life on the road.

“These are the stories we’ll tell—the stories of America’s invisible, everyday heroes,” Schenk said. “The documentary will serve as a further catalyst for change in an industry that’s disrespected all too often.”

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