Comdata Hotel Network: 50,000 nights, $800,000 trucker savings in first year

Comdata Hotel Network: 50,000 nights, $800,000 trucker savings in first year

The Comdata Hotel Network has reached a milestone of nearly 50,000 nights stayed since its launch in December 2015, and  those stays have translated into tangible savings of approximately $800,000 in the past year, with an average savings of $15–$20 per night, payment provider Comdata Inc. reports.

“We are extremely pleased to see the extraordinary growth of the Comdata Hotel Network,” said Greg Secord, president of Comdata’s North American Trucking Division. “We launched the program because we saw an opportunity for fleets to save significant dollars. Hotel spend has traditionally been a line item that goes unmanaged and under the radar of most fleet managers. But cutting that spend by 20% returns big dollars to the bottom line. Today, our top Comdata Hotel Network customers are saving over $15,000 per month just on hotel spend.”

During the last year of activity, this savings program has helped over-the-road trucking fleets and drivers effectively manage and reduce the costs of necessary hotel stays. The program is designed to assist over-the-road drivers quickly find lodging options when needed—such as for rest periods, breakdowns or training—by offering access to a network of 12,000 participating lodging locations across North America. Hotels are easily located via mobile or web tools. Check-in and payment is expedited by simply presenting a Comdata Card, which secures a room and guarantees discounts of 20 percent or more off the lowest published online rates for each stay.

Comdata offers this savings program to fleets of all sizes, including large carriers and as a part of its recently launched Comdata MyFleet Program for smaller fleets.

“The Comdata Hotel Network has allowed us to be able to save thousands of dollars per month on lodging expenses,” said Todd Militzer, vice president and CFO, Central Freight Lines Inc. “Comdata understands our need for cost-saving and efficient programming, and the Hotel Network was exactly what we were looking for to keep our guys safe on the road and worry-free in emergencies without breaking the bank.”

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