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Carrier saves drivers time, cuts costs with weigh station bypass upgrade

After using a hardware-based weigh station bypass system for some time in its trucks, one over-the-road paper hauler found those systems were creating maintenance hassles and were leaving drivers stuck in weigh stations, unable to bypass. The company wanted a simpler system that would streamline functionality, nix the upkeep and help keep drivers on the road.

Company: Paper Transport, Inc., Green Bay, WI

Operation: Paper Transport started out in 1990 hauling corrugated cardboard and other products for a major paper producer in Wisconsin, delivering the products to warehouses and distribution centers throughout the Midwest and Southeastern United States. The regional over-the-road truckload carrier expanded its operations to include hauling building materials, furniture and beverages and now operates nearly 800 tractors and some 2,400 trailers.

Challenge: Existing weigh station bypass system wasn't performing well and was very high-maintenance. 

Paper Transport prides itself on better customer service through consistent on-time deliveries, while giving its drivers the tools to do their job more efficiently and provide a better work environment for them on the road.

"Our philosophy is the carrier that treats its drivers the best is the carrier that's going to win. For us, making the driver experience as easy as possible is absolutely strategic," Peter Covach, director of IT at Paper Transport.

The company wanted to simplify in-cab technology in its trucks to improve driver workflow and safety. Paper Transport had been using a transponder-based weigh station bypass system but was getting bogged down with maintenance and training.

"The biggest friction that we had with the [transponder] technology we were using was the continual maintenance," explained Covach. "Having to put physical hardware in the truck or getting it out to the truck, understanding if the driver was even going to use that technology — it was a lot."

The company also wanted a bypass service "that could combine our existing technology services and be used on one device," he added.

Solution: Install the Drivewyze weigh station bypass platform

"We were pleased to find out that not only did Drivewyze provide weigh station bypass, but that it also provided other services [such as analytics] and worked with technologies like Omnitracs," Covach said.

Also, Drivewyze doesn't require "bolting on additional new functionality," he added. "It integrates easily into the assets you've already invested in; it's not another device. It's not another platform that you have to manage." 

Instead, Covach said, Drivewyze can be easily added and works "seamlessly" with Paper Transport's Omnitracs electronic logging devices.

Paper Transport

"Having Drivewyze on one monitor for the driver reduces the amount of distractions that the carrier is introducing," Covach said. "So by us removing the amount of distractions, our drivers' world has improved."

Paper Transport's transponder-based weigh station bypass systems are now gone. Drivewyze also helped free up time for Paper Transport's office staff, Covach pointed out.

"Overnight, we could enable the functionality of Drivewyze and have it available to our drivers," he noted.  "That's a powerful experience to be able to light up 700 trucks overnight and have bypasses available. We couldn't do that with our previous [weigh station bypass] provider."

Paper Transport said it's been seeing some "impressive" results from Drivewyze. The carrier's 526 trucks that have the service are able to bypass more inspection stations. On average, it's meant time-savings of more than 1,000 hours per month for the company and thousands of gallons of fuel saved by not slowing and idling at weigh stations.

"We have one driver that has a line-haul going to the same place each day," explained Covach. "On that route there are four weigh stations, but with Drivewyze, he goes right by. For our busier drivers, they'll average about three weigh station bypasses per day."

That driver who's now able to bypass those four weigh stations previously would have to stop at all four, he noted.  

Paper Transport said it's also seeing great results from Drivewyze in its Florida operations.

"With all the weigh stations and agriculture inspections sites in Florida, our drivers could be pulled in five or six times a day," said Covach. "Our bypasses are through the roof and our drivers say they can't live without Drivewyze."

The bypass service coverage with Drivewyze provides significantly more bypass opportunities for Paper Transport than it could achieve before, he noted.  

"If I know of a carrier that had any sort of technology in their trucks and they haven't implemented Drivewyze as their weigh station bypass provider, my first question is, 'Why haven't you?'" Covach quipped.

"I don't know how any other bypass provider can keep up," he added. "How can you compete with an app versus physical installation? You can't, even just because when new [bypass] sites become available, they are enabled through software. That's the future."


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