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When you need to haul a racing machine in England …

From across the pond comes an interesting little story about GBA Services, which is actually a quite-large transportation company in merry old England (based in the city of Lancashire, to be exact).

Trucks and the hauling services they provide, of course, are taken for granted just about everywhere in the world these days – indeed, the primary goal for many shippers remains driving down the cost of freight transport these days, rather than actually focusing on whether the quality of said services are up to snuff.

Thus enters GBA and the shipment it carried for Lotus Cars.

You’ve heard of Lotus, right? England’s maker of super-expensive sports and race cars?

Repairing the dent in one of these rides might cost you five figures, if you’re lucky.

Heck, they are so high class even James Bond drove one for a stretch there in the 1970s (though I am quite sure the submarine feature remains wholly fictional):

Well, when Lotus needed one of its latest (and for a time top secret) racing creations transported to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, they knew they needed a top-notch trucker to handle things.

Starting at the Lotus Factory in Hethel, Norfolk, GBA hauled a special crate containing what Lotus charmingly referred to as its “rare beast” 190 miles to the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex where this annual racing event is held.

“We build world-class, high-performance sports cars, and so truly understand the need for specialist knowledge and skill,” noted Jean-Marc Gales, CEO for Group Lotus plc, in a statement [That's him at the wheel at right].

“When it came to entrusting this precious cargo to a logistics company, GBA services was the obvious choice,” he said.

However, David Birkbeck, GBA’s managing director, noted that his company’s expertise lies in meeting and surpassing customer requirements, no matter what they may be.

“Every job is a priority for us, no matter its size, location or security specification,” he said. “So we’re pleased to have played a part in transporting such an exciting cargo.”

It’s nice to see this kind of respect given to the vital – yet often wholly unappreciated – service truckers provide every day all over the world. If only more of it were to occur …

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