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Trucker Path users shine some light on parking availabilty

Trucker Path users shine some light on parking availabilty

Truckers are lighting up the map, thanks to the crowd-sourced efforts of Trucker Path Pro users to report parking availability.

A new, interactive web page illustrates data collected from some 450,000 truck drivers who use the app to find parking, and to let fellow truckers know if parking spaces are still up for grabs at a particular location and time.

The map represents a 24-hour period from July 11-12, based on reports in 30-minute intervals, with green, yellow, and red dots meaning plenty of parking, some, or none, respectively, as reported by Trucker Path Pro users. Zoom in on a region or state to identify specific truck stops or parking areas.

Click for interactive map.

Trucker Path Pro now provides information on truck parking availability at more than 27,000 locations along the National Highway System, according to the company.

As with any crowd-sourced tool, the data improves as more people participate. So while truck stop chains, state governments, and the US DOT all ponder expensive options for tracking and reporting available parking, truckers themselves already have a simple solution in the palm of their hands—all it takes is a second or two to check in with the app.

Just think how much time that will save everyone--and how brilliant the light show will be when even more truckers check in.

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