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Our 2016 Truckers of the Year: skills, hard work, passion

Our 2016 Truckers of the Year: skills, hard work, passion

In a previous blog, we wrote that reports of the demise of the owner-operator have been greatly exaggerated. In naming American Trucker magazine’s finalists and 2016 “Trucker of the Year,” we offer solid proof that small business trucking is indeed alive and well, and way of life to be celebrated.

Indeed, the point isn’t to proclaim these folks the best of the best; the point is to show how easy it is for our staff to visit truck stops and truck shows and find some really outstanding professionals.

There’s no formal process for picking a winner: no checklist or scoring system or essay contest. But some folks just stand out, and this year’s class simply represents the most memorable of the many outstanding men and women we’ve met on the asphalt or in the fuel line or at the lunch counter this year.

While we’re sure everyone who reads American Trucker is a serious and worthy professional, we all know there are plenty of folks out there who would do us all a favor by improving their skills—to put it mildly.

So recognizing a few of the best truckers isn’t so much about bragging rights as it is about reminding everyone what it takes to be successful on the road these days. And even though we’re looking for expert tips, we’re not offering a list of self-help shortcuts here.

This year’s leading candidates for Trucker of the Year share the same essential traits as previous winners, and it’s the same formula for success in any field: Know what you’re doing, love what you’re doing, and work really, really hard.

But trucking is special because there are many, many routes to the same destination. Thanks to everyone who shared their personal journeys with us this year. And the search for our 2017 Trucker of the Year begins now.

Read about this year's winners here:

Truckers of the Year John and Carol Wieczorek

Runner-up Von "LC" Harris

Runner-up John Smedile

Trucker of the Year gallery

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