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It's Chao time in the Twitterverse

It's Chao time in the Twitterverse

President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Elaine Chao to be his Secretary of Transportation quickly became a trending topic on social media as major news outlets spread the word and the exchange of opinions lit up the Twittersphere. And that’s saying something: Based on this trend-bot report, Chao is right up there with a missing wife scandal, the NBA champs, an actor with a pregnant girlfriend, a 19th century Indian inventor and the Brazilian soccer tragedy. 

Here’s the official announcement from the tweeter-in-chief:

Chao was praised by prominent, right-leaning pols:

Others are taking a wait-and-see approach:

The late night comedians also weighed in:

As did other celebrities:

Many tweets echoed concerns about safety and the Trump/Chao DOT:

A lot of people also questioned how Chao’s selection fits with Trump’s promise “to drain the swamp” of Washington insiders:

Finally, what does this even mean:

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