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David Letterman and trucks and me

Here’s the thing, amid all the David Letterman farewell news and notes: My brother’s mother-in-law once was flown to New York to show Dave how to arrange flowers—and she was funny, or Dave made her funny without making fun. True fact!

So I was and remained a fan. But that’s got nothing to do with trucks or trucking. (Although the in-laws might have had a small pickup or commercial van to deliver those flower arrangements around the ArkLaTex, back in the 1980s.)

To have an excuse to write something, I did I quick Google search and came across this Johnny Carson spot. (For those of us of a certain age, including Letterman, Johnny was and will always be the king of late night television.)

But I digress.

First the crime: Johnny steals Dave's ratty pickup.

Then the time, featuring Judge Wopnerthe original TV jurist.

Part two, for some reason:

Then there’s this stand-up farewell bit from Norm MacDonald, featuring an early Letterman garbage truck joke that Norm can hardly tell without getting all emotional.  It’s not that funny, but it’s a truck and bureaucracy joke. And a tribute.

Bye, Dave.



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