An estimated 18680 people have been killed on US roads since January this year the group said
One estimate puts the number of truck driver deaths and medical emergencies on the road to between 3000 and 4000 annually Photo RuralMetro Corp
Some 73 of the students polled said they donrsquot feel safe at the intersections near their school
The motor carrier said it is ldquoactively seekingrdquo other quotstrategic partnersquot to provide better products services and events to its drivers maintenance technicians and office personnel Photo Swift
Speedingrelated as defined by NHTSA does not necessarily mean that the vehicles involved in a fatal crash were exceeding the posted speed limit argues Gary Biller Photo Sean KilcarrAmerican Trucker
There are more fatal truck accidents between 6 am and 3 pm than at night or during earlymorning hours Photo Volvo AB
A person who loses two hours of sleep from a normal eighthour sleep schedule may be as impaired as someone who has consumed up to three beers NSC noted in its report Photo DreamWorks
The NTSB recommended action from seven states that prohibit automated speed enforcement 28 states without automated speed enforcement laws and 15 states with automated speed enforcement restrictions Photo Sean KilcarrAmerican Trucker
Dickie Penrod leased on to Landstar back in 1999 Photo Landstar
Safety Tech: Analyzing the Value