Tractors line up just outside San Antonio to haul emergency relief supplies into areas affected by Hurricane Harvey Photo US Air Force
Voice vote taken in the House of Representatives at 10 pm on Sept 6 rejected legislation aimed at delaying the ELD mandate File photo
Though the December 18th ELD mandate deadline now only a few months away many small fleets and independent drivers have still not made the switch from paper logs to elogging devices File photo
Sandra Sanford now leads TA39s Roadsquad team Photo TravelCenters
Photo US Air Force Tech Sgt Larry E Reid Jr
Every five miles per hour driven over 65 represents a 7 decrease in fuel efficiency Photo The Game 730am
Layered security and more cooperation between motor carriers and shippers seen as critical to thwarting cargo theft Photo Sean KilcarrAmerican Trucker
Tractortrailers parked and waiting for instruction on where to stage their trailers carrying relief supplies for victims of Hurricane Harvey Photo US Air Force Tech Sgt Chad Chisholm
US Air Force photo by Sean M Worrell
The Texas Gulf Coast where Harvey made landfall August 25 is home to over 25 of US refining capacity Photo Glenn FawcettUS Customs and Border Protection